Thursday, November 15, 2018

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The Whishk(e)y Room Blog is now on Instagram! While my blog writing has been pretty limited this year, I certainly haven’t stopped buying and drinking whisk(e)y. I did, however, start to chronicle my spirituous adventures on Instagram toward the end of last winter.

There’s a great, vibrant whisk(e)y community on Instagram. It’s nice to have more interaction with other enthusiasts, and the amazing images that I see there have inspired to up my photography game. I’m typically posting two to three times per week, with a mix of new photos and older ones (some that were originally taken for the blog, and others from the many distillery tours that I’ve taken over the years).  The commentary is more along the lines of brief opinions, bits of insightful information and simple updates on what I’m currently drinking.

I do intend to continue writing more in-depth pieces here, and hopefully will get back on track with that sometime soon.

So, if you’re already on Instagram, search for thewhiskeyroomblog and follow me. Not on Instagram? Allow me to explain how it works. First, I should mention that Instagram is really designed to be used on mobile platforms (phones and tablets) as an app. While it is possible to use Instagram as a website, that does limit its functionality.

The easiest way to view things on the Instagram website is to simply go to the web page of a specific user; in my case,

If you haven’t signed up yourself, all you’ll be able to do is look at the pictures. You can view larger versions of the images and their captions by clicking on them, and there’s a search bar up top which will allow you to explore further.

If you want to interact at all, you’ll have to sign up for an account (it’s a pretty painless process). This will allow you to follow other users (showing their images in your feed when you sign in), “like” images and post comments.

For full functionality, including posting your own images, creating “stories”, using the direct messaging feature, etc., you’ll have to download the app. Again, this is primarily intended for mobile devices. That being said, there is a Windows 10 based Instagram app available, but I haven’t used it and can’t speak to its functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on over to the Insta and follow me!

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